Lentz Family Has Fun at Tulsa Zoo

Lentz Family at Tulsa Zoo

On Black Friday we went to the Tulsa Zoo for the First time in stead of Shopping! This was the best decision EVER!

We decided to get Annual Passes and share them with the girls as an early Christmas Present. When we lied in Colorado, going to the Denver Zoo was something we did regularly and it was something fun to do in the morning before we went shopping around Denver for some special things we couldn’t get in or around Greeley. We are going to do something similar when we go to Tulsa every few months.

Lentz Family Goes to Tulsa Zoo Instead of Shopping!!!

Fiona and Julz Climbing at Tulsa Zoo

Because we want on a day when most people decided to hit the sales, we pretty much had the entire zoo to ourselves for the fist two hours.

It was pretty cold this morning and because of that a lot of the warmer climate animals were still in their indoor enclosures. This was fine for us. This meant we were able to see a lot of these really wild animals pretty close up and intimately. This also means that we have something new to experience with these animals when we come back.

One of the first animals we saw was the Asian Elephants. Julz was so so excited to see the elephants and the giraffes. Fiona has a lot of memories of us going to the zoo. However, for Julz our 4 year old, this was her first real experience seeing these animals in real life. They were both so much fun to see enjoy the animals at the Tulsa Zoo. It was also a great way for us to see how much Fiona has matured since our last time being at a zoo with her. She will be 9 in December and is growing up so fast!

Julz was most excited to see the giraffes on our way there that morning. But hands down, the family favorite was the snow leopard! I asked everyone what their favorite animal was we got to see that day was and everyone agreed the snow leopard was their number one favorite animal they were able to see at the Tulsa Zoo. This Snow Leopard only had one eye. He was magnificent!

There are a lot of new babies at the zoo right now as well. The second enclosure we went into was with the tiger and cub. She was beautiful and watching her interactions with her cub was so much fun. The cub played with it’s mother just as our toddlers play with us. I could have sat and watched the tigers for hours. They were my favorite as a little girl, and I wish I still had a black t shirt my dad bought with a tiger on it when he took me to the San Diego Zoo when I was a little girl. I remember wearing that shirt all the time!!!

Another surprise to us was the flamingoes! They were so much fun to watch. The girls about lost their minds over the flamingoes. Neither one of them had seen them in real life before.

The atmosphere at the zoo was wonderful. It was definitely Fall and screamed Thanksgiving weather from the temperature to the beautiful trees, to the kindness of the employees working that day at the Tulsa Zoo. The zoo is quite big and has a train that runs through it to help you get to different exhibits rather than walking because the park is so large. The food is also pretty great. We enjoyed a pretzel and if you like drinking IPA as the men in my family do, they do also serve IPA at this zoo <3

If you would be interested in seeing the Tulsa Zoo through our experience, I have also uploaded a video to our Youtube Channel where you can see more of our day!

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