Reasons Why We Chose To Homeschool

Reasons Why We Chose to Homeschool

We are now homeschoolers, may the Homeschool Revolution Ignite.

There are so many reasons we have chosen to homeschool that it is difficult for me to find a place to begin.  So, let us start toward the beginning.

For the 2021-2022 school year I worked as a para-aid at my girls’ school, I was also a full time substitute teacher.  This school Is K-12, which gave me the opportunity to walk into every classroom any given day and have a first hand account of the curriculum, and most importantly the social atmosphere throughout the entire school. 

 I was also able to have conversations with the students who transferred to our school from surrounding schools.  

Hands down, the majority of the students who transferred to our school preferred to be there.  My decision to homeschool and resign is not a reflection of that school, which we do love, but a reflection of the Public Education System and what society has become.

Jason and I homeschooled our oldest Fiona through preschool and pre-k.  

Fiona excelled in kindergarten and in every class since.  We did a lot of continued learning at home, for she never felt quenched with what she was taught at school.  Never really challenged.  There is no room to challenge the advanced students, the importance is those struggling never get left behind.  With so many children today not emotionally capable of being able to deal with the restrictions of the classroom the goal is to get kids to pass, not to excel.

My children are very bright and mature, and I am so thankful for them.  They enjoyed the simple pleasures in school, they enjoyed the community and the teachers and the few good friendships they made.  However, the majority of their classmates were stressful to them for they were always in trouble and causing emotional distress to the rest of the class.  My kids were drained like zombies by the end of each day due to the behavior of the other kids who were down right disobedient as well as them being either too immature or way too mature for their grade level.

Our need to homeschool shifted from just an academic want to, to a have to for our children’s emotional well being.  

There is very little fun to be had when your teachers are constantly stressed and have no way to discipline the abhorrent behavior that occurs in every classroom.  What can you really do when so many children need psychological help and emotional help with home lives that will cause anyone to cry.  There is a serious lack of putting the children first in society today.  I really feel strongly that drugs have caused generational damage and irreparable harm to our current and future generations.  There is so little discussion on the opioid epidemic’s carnage on the children of the abuser’s.  

My children are excelling outside of school, outside of classroom and school walls. They have formed strong bonds with children in sports and in play outside of school.  They are so much  happier now that school is out and they do not have to return because of the kids and  the stress of the classroom.  They are THRIVING being home. Check out this page link for more content relating to Educating Wildflowers.

We have made the choice to put our children first.  For us to live on a one income budget and teach our kids all the beauty there is in the world and to learn as much as they want.  Our goals in homeschooling is another article in itself.  Though my reasons why to bring my children home is vast, these are the ones that found paper this morning.

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  1. Hi Bri! I homeschooled my youngest son for the same world of reasons. Our city had a huge homeschooling group(s), and he definitely did much better for it. You’re a terrific family and I wish you all the best! Hugs<3

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