Halloween 2021 in Crowder, Oklahoma

Halloween 2021 was a raging success this year in the small town of Crowder, Oklahoma.

My two girls, Julz and Fiona, both wanted to be witches for Halloween. Fiona was a dark witch and Julz was a Witchy Kitty. The cats were more than willing to participate as props for our last minute photos before tick or treating. Tom and Jerry are the best cats!

Fiona and Julz Lentz With Their Cats

Trick or Treating started in town at about 5:30 with friends and family. The sun was just beginning to set and the light was beginning to soft. We loaded up on a trailer filled with hay and was able to have a hay ride through town. We are so thankful for our close family friends for facilitating this wonderful experience for our children to have together.

Most of the small churches in town and people outside with creative and elaborate trunk or treats set up for the children to go trick or treating through. I thought it was great to see how many people were involved in these smaller churches in town. I, myself, attended both small and large churches as a child. I will always have a special place and appreciation for the tight knit family a small church can provide as a positive place for their community.

What is so interesting to me, is the amount of candy Fiona and Julz ended up with by the end of the night! Crowder did not shy away from giving away large amounts of candy. I think this year is their biggest candy haul so far. We will have this candy coming out of ears maybe until Summer!

Hay Ride Crowder, Oklahoma Lentz

Crowder, Oklahoma really pulls together as a community for Halloween and is something that I wish more of America could see still exists in our country. Their was an innocence to the air that was something that was very nostalgic to me. An innocence that is fading. I was so happy and grateful my children were able to experience a night of trick or treating on Halloween in a small town where everyone knew each other, everyone looked out for each other, and my children were able to see a glimpse of America that used to be and proves we still are. That the American people still are, if only we look find and hold on tight to. I love the people we have found here, the family we have found here in Small Town, Crowder Oklahoma.

Halloween 2021 Crowder, Oklahoma Brianna Lentz

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