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Fiona tried punch needle for the first time this past weekend and she loves it! She tried punch needle using a kit from Design Works Space. This is a kit that we purchased at our local Wal Mart.

Punch Needle can be kid friendly too!

I, myself, have wanted to try punch needle. However, my 8 year old daughter beat me to it!

In this linked video you can watch Fiona and I set up the project and Fiona’s own personal review for this Punch Needle Kit we purchased from Wal Mart for approximately $9.

Fiona really enjoyed the process of learning this new craft. She liked the fabric, the hoop and the design. She really enjoyed threading the punch needle itself. She said her hands hurt after a while but that is understandable because has never really held a hoop for that long.

She was really looking forward to finishing the llama which she began with and moving onto the pineapple. However, the punch needle tool itself broke before she could finish. She was able to get most of the llama completed but in the end it broke an hour into punching. I was watching her the entire timed she wasn’t using any excessive force or anything like that. It was not a user error. The tool itself was not designed to last.

Because of that she gave the kit a 3 out of 5 star review. Which, in my opinion, was very generous. I gave the kit a 1 out of 5 star review because she wasn’t able to complete the first of 3 included projects before the tool broke. It broke her heart a little bit for the tool to break before she was able to complete the llama because she had such high hopes and was enjoying it so much.

Good news is, I have a Ultra Punch Needle and Weavers Cloth in my stash and she has said that she would like to try punch needle again but with better tools. Tools that grown ups use she said. I, too, cannot wait to try these tools. I have had these stashed for a year and half and have never dedicated the time to learning how to punch needle but this next year is the year of punch needle! I have big plans for 2022 and a lot of them have to do with punch needle big and small.

This also means we will have another video coming out in the next few months on with her doing punch needle. That is very exciting to me as her mother. She is not giving up with frustration that she coudn’t finish her first punch needle project. Instead, she is looking at the bright side that she will have a new opportunity to work on punch needle with her mom using mom’s grown up punch needle tools.

I am also proud of her for being interested in this type of punch needle because this does not use yarn. This punch needle is using 2 strands out of 6 embroidery floss. This is a very time consuming craft when you are using such a small scale for punch needle. Kids today don’t normally show this type of patience, I work at a K-12 school. A lot of kids lack the Motor Skills and patience to want to even try this and she is interested and excited to try this again. That makes me very proud of her for many reasons.

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