Lentz Family Christmas Cookies 2020

What is your favorite sugar cookie recipe? Mine is the Mrs. Fields’ Sugar Cookies recipe. This is a fool proof recipe for me and I have made it countles times and they have all turned out just perfect.

Do you want to know the secret to a perfect sugar cookie at Christmas? Don’t over bake them! That’s it.

This year we went for really simple cookie decorations. And for I think the first time, we went with traditional Christmas colors.

I used the gel food coloring pods from Wilton and my icing went from light to dark pretty quickly. I think by the end of the process I ran out of patience so I ended up globing too much of the green food gel in lol but the kids had a blast with the green teeth and tongues it gave them! I saved those cookies just for them and stuck with eating the cookies decorated with white icing haha!

Anyways, we went for simple. Like I’ve said before it’s ok to go simple. There is beauty in simplicity! I don’t think I decorated a single one, I let the kids do it all and just had them enjoy the process!

You can see us watch us make the cookies in my Vlog here: https://youtu.be/cG2AygB-cTM

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