Vintage Hot Chocolate Bar Signs on Cricut Maker

Hot Chocolate Bar Signs Made on Cricut Maker Feature Image Brianna Lentz

Do you have a Hot Chocolate Bar in your home at Christmas? I love hot chocolate at Christmas. It is one of my family’s avorite things to enjoy during the cold months. I found this really cute North Pole Hot Chocolate Design in Cricut Design Space and knew I had to make a sign for my own Hot Chocolate Bar and or Hot Cocoa Bar.

Hot Chocolate Bar or Hot Cocoa Bar?

I used a basswood sign from the Woodpile line at Hobby Lobby. This is something I have had in my stash for a while because making signs has been on my mind for a while! I just haven’t sat down to do it. Julz told me she wanted me to paint with her the day that I made this and so I thought this would be the perfect project for me to work on while she was painting.

I used Santa Red and Evergreen by Americana as well as a matte Mod Podge. I sanded the the wood first then painted each piece of wood red and green. If I had my Gesso more easily accessible that day I would have used a coat of that first to save my paint. I decided to give me red sign a white wash to create more contrast. I used the mod Podge to seel the stencil before adding paint to help prevent major linkage into the design. This helped some but not a ton. I think the inconsistencies actually really help give these pieces a rustic finish in the end. I cut out my image from Cricut Design Space on non permanent vinyl.

I did not take very many pictures during the process of theses signs over my video is fairly comprehensive in capturing my process and will be full of inspiration for you to enjoy. You can see more of my process in my video linked here:

I really enjoy these signs! They looks rustic and vintage. I love that they say Hot Chocolate instead of Hot Cocoa just to be a little bit different then what you might find at the stores. This is handmade after all! I also Love that these signs were virtually free to me because they used supplies from stash and all the money on these have been spent in the past. I also like that they are two different colors green and red. I thought about gifting one, but actually I have found 2 really cozy places for these signs that I think they go really well with my current Christmas Decor.

Vintage Hot Cocoa Bar Signs Made on Cricut Maker

I have had so much fun this season creating my own Christmas Decor and memories using my Cricut Maker. I bought my Cricut Maker to make custom things for my home and sometimes it is easy to forget that when you see something new and shiny at the stores. However, this season, I have really made a lot of new things for my home this Christmas and I think that really adds to the cozy Christmas vibe at my house and makes me feel proud when I look around the room with the Christmas lights on and see all these touches of a handmade home.

Last week my girls and I finally crossed making hot cocoa bombs off our list! I made a reel and posted our process on Instagram. Do you think I should post a video and more details here on my website? The girls and I had a great time and really felt inspired by hot Vintage Hot Chocolate Bare Signs. It really felt like we brought the North Pole to our house the week before Thanksgiving!

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