Amigurumi Orca Whale Crochet Pattern Review

Amigurumi Orca Whale Crochet Pattern Review Brianna Lentz

This amazing amigurumi Orca Whale is my favorite make of the summer!

If you have an orca whale lover in your family, or just love orca whales yourself, this is the crochet project for you. My daughter, Fiona aged 9, began our Summer with a full on obsession for marine biology with a special interest in Orca Whales. After I finished crocheting my daughter Julz, her amigurumi Unicorn, I asked Fiona what handmade item she would like me to maker her. Of course Fiona said she wanted an Amigurumi Orca Whale.

This came as no surprise to me. She has been busy creating her own DIY Orca Whale Projects this Summer as well. See more of what she has made by watching our uploaded video to our homeschool channel, Educating Wildflowers HERE. You can also read more about our Marine Biology curriculum and her DIY Orca Whale projects here.

I scoured Etsy and Ravelry for Amigurmi Orca Whale patterns. There are a few patterns available, some really very cute small patterns. However, Fiona wanted the Mamba Jamba, so I decided to purchase a PDF downloadable pattern by Little Green Bear called Olwyn the Orca. You can find the same pattern by clicking HERE, it will take you to the Little Green Bear Etsy shop.

Amigurumi Orca Whale Pattern Review

Project Details:

  • I crocheted this amigurumi orca whale using a F or size 3.5mm hook.
  • I used black and white Red Heart Super Saver Yarn.
  • I stuffed mine with poly-Fil.
  • 12mm safety eyes.
  • This project took me less than a week to complete start to finish.
  • **Highly recommend head lamp or access to bright light when crocheting with black yarn and assembling the amigrumi orca whale together**

I would like to preface this review with saying that I am an experienced amigurumi crochet animal maker. I have made quite a lot of crochet amigurumi projects and feel confident when I say I am really happy with the result of this project, however I did not enjoy the process while making it. With that being said, I would not recommend this pattern for a beginner. If you are looking to begin your first amigurumi Orca Whale crochet project, I would not recommend this be your first amigumi rodeo.

I do recommend the pattern for the fact that this Amigumi Orca Whale did turn out amazing! I just rank this for someone who is at least an extremely confident advanced beginner. I struggled with this pattern and found that there were details in construction that I needed to help achieve a really polished look that frankly just weren’t included. Amigurumi patterns vary so much when creating specialized animals or objects that more details is always better. I have written patterns myself, we don’t want to be too wordy, but with amigurumi, the maker who is following your specialized crochet pattern needs all the help they can get to achieve the details they see in your finished object pictures.

Check out the Amigurumi Orca Whale pattern review video I uploaded to my Brianna Lentz channel that has a ton of other videos with items handmade

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