Orca Whale DIY Projects

Orca Whale DIY Projects

Fiona loves Orca Whales and enjoyed making all of these Orca Whale DIY Projects. She is very excited to start learning more about Marine Biology in August in the course we are using from The Good and the Beautiful. This has not stopped her from researching as much as she can about Orca Whales now.

Orca Whale DIY Projects

She painted her own pencil holder with kelp and an orca whale using a recycled Beans can and Post Paint Pens. Fiona also loves to draw and painted Orca Whales in her spare time. She also enjoys reading about Orcas. Fiona is also currently reading A Whale in the Wild, a book about Orca whales by Rosanne Parry. Fiona also asked if I could crochet her a Orca Whale, and of course I did using a pattern by Little Green Bear on Etsy.

Watch more on our Youtube Video Here and have a great time watching Fiona’s excitement as she shares her passion with you:


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