Pica Pau’s Crochet Frog – A Crochet Pattern Review

Pica Pau Crochet Frog Main Image

Pica Pau’s Crochet Frog is a very fun pattern to make. I think my crochet frog came out absolutely adorable and I am so happy I made him. in today’s crochet pattern review I will be discussing my changes to the pattern to achieve the look of my version of the Pica Pau Crochet Frog.

Pica Pau Crochet Frog

Pica Pau Crochet Frog

I crocheted my Pica Pau Crochet Frog, [which my daughter Julz named Mr. Froggie] using all I Love this Cotton Yarn and size 14mm safety eyes with a size a 2.75mm crochet hook. The colors I used are the following:

  • Serene Spa
  • Ivory
  • Warm Blush
  • Gold
  • Antique

This Pica Pau Crochet Frog Pattern included some new-to-me crochet techniques. I have never done a method of crochet known as Jacquard, which is a type of color work with floats in amigurumi. I also did some seaming to finish portions of this crochet pattern which was also new to me in an amigurumi pattern.

I found the techniques to be pretty ok to do, not that difficult. I had to do the jacquard about 4 times before correcting my tension. You can crochet this pattern without the fancy color work underwear, however, I think they add too much charm to not include. You can do color work, don’t give up if you find you struggle with it.

A big modification I made to this pattern is the shorts. Not only did I crochet the pants in all Antique Gold to give my frog more of a Mr. Toad look (yes, I know totally different animal) I also changed my foundation chain from 60 Single Crochet down to 50 Single Crochet. Because of this change, I whip-stitched the underwear closed to make it smaller and then ladder-stitched the bottom of the shorts closed to make the fit a little bit wider because I changed the foundation chain by 10 sc.

I think this pattern was a pretty good pattern. I really enjoy the imaginative world of Animal Friends of Pica Pau, the crochet book you can find this pattern in.

Pica Pau Crochet Frog Pattern Book

If you would like to see more of my crochet pattern review and my version of the Pica Pau Crochet Frog you can watch my YouTube video on it here:

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