Una the Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn A Pattern Review

I had a ton of fun making an amigurumi crochet unicorn for my youngest daughter Julz. She has wanted me to make her this unicorn for about 6 months and I finally made time to crochet her this pretty unicorn at the beginning of this Summer.

An advanced Beginner would be able to crochet this Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn.

Here is a video Review for Una the Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn

This Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn is made from a pattern I purchased from Mel’s Crochet Hook Shop on Etsy.

I have made her Amigurumi Crochet horse twice in two different color combos. This Amigurmi crochet unicorn was a little bit more challenging to make in my opinion because of the spiral crochet mane.

I created this and all of the Mel’s Crochet Hook animals I have created using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn and a size H/5.0mm Crochet Hook.

Mel’s crochet patterns are really easy to follow and are really easy to create with lovely end results. These amigurumi crochet unicorn and horses are absolutely adorable and I am sure if you make one you will be receiving requests to make some for friends and family as well.

The wonderful thing about crochet toys are they are handmade, they are heirlooms if treated well.

My daughter, Julz, knew that she could ask me to crochet her anything and I could and will make it for her. I love that. That will inspire her deep down in her brain later on in life, that she too can make anything she wants, whether it be utilitarian or fun and whimsical for joy.

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