Super Cute Amigurumi Crochet Dinosaur With Hatching Egg

I love this amigurumi crochet dinosaur so much! I found this pattern randomly I don’t even know where or how, but this crochet dinosaur is amazing. I love that this is a toy that can be loved on and totally become a lovey that is also interactive.

This amigurumi crochet dinosaur is a pattern by LauraLovesCrochet. She has a ton of patterns like these with different animals with hatching eggs or babies. I think this is a really original idea. I purchased her pattern off Etsy here. The PDF download is really well written and is 11 pages long. The designer really walks you through each step and includes visual pictures to help you on the parts that might be a little tricky. I love when a designer includes pictures for us visual learners (like me!).

Amigurumi Crochet Dinosaur With Hatching Egg

I would say this pattern is definitely something an advanced beginner can accomplish. Would I suggest this to a brand new beginner as your first project? No, but if you can single crochet and work in the round confidently than you can definitely achieve this project, just remember to give yourself patience.

I have tried making a dinosaur before and the pattern was really complicated. This is so much easier and though this may seem complicated with the egg and the pouch…once you get started and take each step at a time the process is really straight forward.

I will say, however, that I do wish there were more instruction on stuffing and sewing the parts together. I found that my crochet dinosaur’s neck is sagging a little bit. I am pretty sure she is going to suffer from sever neck pain eventually ( I kid, I kid). But, in all seriousness I will need to go back and reinforce the stitches around the neck to the base of the dinosaurs body. I am not 100 % satisfied with the finishing of that because in the pictures of her pattern it is clear to me that the neck is supposed to be more upright and not be parallel to the ground like mine. I also found stuffing the legs was a bit tricky around the egg sack. She does give a bit more instruction in her pattern, but I would have liked a little bit more hand holding to get the perfect finish. Please keep in mind, these are my errors and not the pattern’s fault.

I really think this is fantastic amigurumi crochet pattern!

With that being said I do think that is a minor complaint and really do think this pattern is very thorough and user friendly for anyone to make successfully.

I did want to mention and list for you the Supplies I used specific to my project:

  • Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the colors Minty and Jade
  • DMC embroidery thread in Black or 310
  • Safety Eyes per the pattern size

I really enjoyed the process of making this dinosaur. I think that the little baby dinosaur is so adorable and I just want to make more of the baby dinosaurs and eggs. I think having a few different eggs and baby dinosaurs would be so cute and fun for my kids.

I highly recommend this amigurumi crochet dinosaur pattern. Hands down.

I created a video to go along with this post where I talk more in depth about this project as well as share more visually with you how my amigurumi crochet dinosaur with hatching egg turned out. Which again, I am very happy and proud of!

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