DIY SNOW GLOBES Children’s Activity

These DIY snow globes is an activity my oldest, Fiona, has wanted to do for years.  Thanks to the Christmas DIY section at Dollar Tree this year, she got her wish in completing this easy and fun children’s Activity.


Dollar Tree had an amazing selection of DIY materials this year and last time I was there they still had a lot of these DIY Snow globes.

The main component of this DIY snow globe is plastic and has instructions inside for you to follow.  I purchased some mini trees, pom poms and 3 bags of fake snow….spolier alert for this activity of 3 snow globes we only needed to have purchased one bag of faux snow.  [We will use the extra faux snow in slime some time this week, I am sure.]  We also needed to use a hot glue gun, which I already had in my supplies at home.

The girls chose their own design for the snow globe and I hot glued their vision into place accordingly.We started this project on Saturday thinking we could finish this on Saturday.  However, you need to let the hot glued ornaments in your snow globe thoroughly dry for 24 hours.

Once your glue is dry then you can add the glitter and the water and put it all together.  The instructions tell you to glue the threads on the suction part / bottom of the snow globe… I did that and it actually caused a huge problem.  I scraped the hot glue off and just placed the suction part of the bottom into the snow globe and it sealed really well.  Make sure you fill your snow globe with enough water.  If water comes out when you suction the bottom into place that is ok.  You will get a good enough seal for you to finish it, at least I did.  The next step is to place the cap on the bottom and you are done.  The instructions say you can use baby oil…we didn’t have any so we just used water and I think that everything turned out fine.

I think this is a really fun and budget friendly activity that anyone can do with kids at any age.  You will have to help them as their is quite a bit of hot glue and finagling but they are able to play with the supplies and create their own design for the snow globe which they then get to see become a reality and shake to their Herat’s content because the snow globe is plastic!  I give this DIY Snow Globe project a 10/10!

Also, if you are wondering if I had just bought the supplies I needed for this project which were:

  • 3 snow globes
  • 1 bag of pom poms
  • 1 bag of faux snow
  • 1 bag of Christmas trees

That totals $6 plus tax to compete these DIY Snow Globes!  That is so inexpensive.  Not too mention this would also be a great handmade gift that you could have your children make for their friends or family and will last.

This might be one of my favorite Christmas projects we have made this year!

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