DIY Unicorn Valentine Box Free Tutorial with Brianna Lentz

Valentine’s Day 2020 –

Last week my 1st grader came home with a sheet of paper that said:

Dear Parents, 

Just a reminder…Your child may create, decorate, and design their valentine box.  You can help them as needed.  This is a fun time and great memories for your child…Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.

Below this were pictures of Valentine Boxes in the literal picture of R2D2 and a realistic Boom Box.  The expectations were set.   I could not fail my daughter on this one.  Thank God she picked a unicorn because I had never seen a Valentine Box in real life before… we didn’t do this at my elementary schools growing up #90skid.  So if you are in the same boat as I was, this is the tutorial for you.  This project is cheap and simple.



  1. Take a box – amazon box, shoe box, or in my case a photo box from Hobby Lobby.

Unicorn Valentine Box Image 3

2. Cut out a rectangle from the top for kids to insert their valentines into the top of the box.  I sanded the edges so it was a smooth finish. If you have extra hardware like I did, this is the time to remove it and sand edges down if you need to or want to.

3. Paint the box with white acrylic paint.

4. Paint on the eyes and eyelashes.  You can easily use a black Sharpie instead.  Once the eye lashes were dry, I painted a layer of Matte Mod Podge over the entire box  and lid with the Mod Podge to seal in the acrylic paint.

Unicorn valentine Box Image 8-2

5. You need something that can be a horn.  I bought this mini yellow safety cone at Dollar Tree.  Painted it white.  Then, I used Mod Podge. I covered the entire surface with Mod Podge and immediately applied my glitter.  Voila, a glittery unicorn horn.

6. Finally, I took apart some fake flowers I had purchased from Dollar Tree and glued them around the flat base of the horn.  I then glued down bits and pieces of the flowers that needed to hide the rest of the base of the cone.  This cone is visually invisible when you are looking at it.  You only see the horn and flowers.

Unicorn valentine Box Image 11

7. That is it. Cheap and fast and Effective!  Please pin and share this project with your friends.  If you try this out please let me know! I would love to see pictures <3



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