Did You See the Christmas Star?

Were you able to see the Christmas star last night?  We were able to see it from our front yard and it was beautiful.  My daughter and I set a time for to check outside every 15 minutes after the sun started to set to go find it and we did!  We all went outside and just were amazed by being able to see Jupiter and Saturn.

Brianna Lentz with her children with the Christmas Star behind them

My 8 year old loves space and Saturn has always been her favorite.  She always asks me, “Mom, what is your favorite planet?”  I always reply, “Jupiter, I love that big red spot!”  Julz just liked the commotion I think but she does love looking out at the moon and stars at night. She has begun asking me in the morning if the Sun is awake and if the moon is sleeping now… So last night the moon was bright as well as the stars and for her it was very magical too.

Christmas Star, Jupiter and Saturn, Photo Taken By Jason Lentz

I was very excited about this as well as my daughter, Fiona.  I believe it to be a miraculous event to have happen this year.  It was like a hand of comfort on the back of your shoulder.  A reminder of I am here.  Keep your faith, I am here.

Jason Lentz Taking Photos of the Christmas Star, Jupiter and Saturn

Jason was able to get some really cool pictures too.  We both want to get better at photography in 2021.  He has a great eye for photography so it was fun to see him geek out a bit and he did get some great shots and then today he said he has been able to reveal even more in his photos through the power of editing. All photos of the star are thanks to Jason!  He did a great job.

I hope you are all enjoying these December days, I have been and have very much been enjoying talking to you all on the daily.  Talk to you soon <3

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  1. Yes, I could see it here, even with the city lights!
    Glad that a good time was had by all 🙂 and thank you for your beautiful words. Merry Christmas!

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