2020 Reading Wrap Up With Brianna Lentz

Graphic of All the Books Brianna Lentz Read in 2020 Using Goodreads

I read 19 books in the year 2020 and am about 300 pages into my last book.  I am pretty sure I won’t finish that book by the end of the year, or shall I say I am not going to force myself to finish it just to say I read 20 and not 19… you know what I mean?  Also, there were a few books that were over 800 pages long.  I didn’t care about a number of books I read this year, I read what I wanted to read and enjoyed my lengthier fantasy so much!

I really enjoyed most of the books I read this year.  Let’s look back and review everything I read:

Graphic of All the Books Brianna Lentz Read in 2020 Using Goodreads

So what were my favorite(s)?  I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Michael Crichton books.  I stopped myself from reading more of them just so I could enjoy the new reading experience for longer.  I didn’t want to gobble them all up and then be done and think, awe I miss it already…  I love love love Michael Crichton, he might be one of my top 3 authors.  I really enjoyed all three books separately and equally.  Each book’s subject matter is my favorite types of subjects to read or watch shows or movies about whether they are fiction or non-fiction.  Vikings, Jungles and Dinosaurs.  Does it get any better????

So, now that my deep love for Michael Crichton’s writing has been discussed, let’s talk about all the others.  I think that The Turn of the Key was an excellent horror story, then the ending pissed me off.  I loved Home Before Dark and I think I would recommend the experience of Turn of the Key, and I would recommend Home Before Dark as an overall in-between horror and suspense book.  They were both good.

Ken Liu is a genius, if you have read his works or his translations, I think we can all agree that he is amazing.  I listened and read The Grace of Kings over a 6 month period and I loved every second.  It was as enjoyable as a Netflix series and it was as easy to comeback to reading after a pause just as it is easy to comeback to a series you stopped watching and then came back to a month later.  I really look forward to reading The Wall of Storms.  The Grace of Kings is definitely a contender for being my favorite book of the year.

I am now onto the 3rd book in Robin Hobb’s The Farseer Trilogy and am just in love.  I had never read Robin Hobb before and oh my oh my there is a reason she has such a following.  Her character and world building talents are incredible.  I cannot wait to see where the wit goes as a storyline and ability in this 3rd book and to see what comes of Verity and Regal.  Ahh it is soo good.  I have blown through this series, this is another one where I am listening to the audiobook as I stitch and then read some more when it is time to settle down for bed.  I really love it and I am so glad there are about 20 more book in this series or spinoff series to look into when I am done with this trilogy.  I hope I will enjoy them more than I did Leigh Bardugo’s other series in The Grishaverse after her Shadow and Bone Series (I loved the Shadow and Bone Series a lot but didn’t really like Six of Crows…and then just stopped going any further after that.)

I really enjoyed myself and my reading this year.  The three books that I liked the least was This Song Will Save Your Life, which was just terrible and I do not recommend to anyone. Ever.  Next, was Little Fires Everywhere…I just didn’t enjoy it and forced myself to read it and lastly was Then She Was Gone.  I just thought it was mediocre.

My favorites were definitely Eaters of the Dead and The Grace of Kings.  Loved those!

I hope you had a great reading year this year!  I would love to hear what your favorite book is that you read this year!

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