How to Fix Melted SLIME Fast!

How to Fix Melted Slime Fast Brianna Lentz Feature Image

Do you have melted slime sitting on your shelf?   That your kid played with once or twice… and just looks like it melted and is rather pathetic looking?  That is what slime can do sometimes and you might be tempted to throw it out.  But do not fret my friend, you can breathe new life to that melted slime!  We had this exact scenario play out here at our house this past week.

I am going to tell you how we fixed a melted slime within a couple of minutes!

I gifted Julz, my 3 year old, this slime from Wal Mart for her 3rd birthday.  I purchased this huge tub of Nickelodeon Slime from Wal Mart clearance for $3 which makes me think this sat on the shelf for a long while before I bought this last May!  It was a bit too melty when we first opened it and wasn’t fun to play with.  It just stuck to my kid’s hands and so on the shelf it went and on the shelf it sat.

For Christmas Santa gifted the girls a bit of Model Magic each and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to revitalize the slime!  However, it needed more than just model magic… it also needed a ton of ready made activator.  We always use Elmer’s Magic Liquid because this stuff is literally MAGIC LIQUID!

I portioned out a glob of the melted slime to each kiddo in their slime only bowls and then had them mix in a bunch of activator, a little bit at a time.  Next, I gave them Model Magic to mix in and this in itself kept my kids entertained for a long time.

They had a lot of fun seeing the melted slime turn into functional slime and be responsible for the changes they made to improve their own slime. Pretty simple right?  You know what I say….there is beauty in simplicity! Especially when it is simple enough for your 3 year old to fix something all on her own!

I love doing all different types of activities with my kids, especially quick and easy ones that are not hard on the budget but keep their sensory gears going and their minds exploring new activities as they learn how to use their motor skills more and more every day.

Do you and your kids like to play with slime? I know that some children are not fans of the sensation and texture of slime on their skin. Especially melted slime! I have other acitivities that the kids and I have done together that might interest you if slime is not so much your thing. Here are a few links to other posts of activities the kids and I have done together:


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If you try this technique out the girls and I would love to see your results and why type of melted slime you tried your Magic Liquid or Model Magic with. Tag me on Instagram @Brianna_lentz or send me a comment down below! We would love to hear about it.

I am not sure what slime we are going to work on next. I think we might try to make a crunchy slime. We haven’t done that one yet. I have found the kits to be really cost effective ways to try new slimes and that is what I think we will work from next is finish going through one of the kits we have in my closet. I will be sure to let you know if we discover any helpful slime tips and tricks along the way!

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