Rainbow Amigurumi Knitted Snake

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Who wouldn’t adore a Rainbow Amigurumi Knitted Snake?

This knitted toy is a great project for anyone interested in knitting their first toy or animal. The rainbow aspect of this project keeps the process fun and interesting and not overly repetitive. I have constantly heard people love knitting rainbow socks, so I think this rainbow snake would be a fun project for any knitter at any level beginner to experienced.

The materials I used to create this Rainbow Amigurumi Knitted Snake are my favorite type: simple.

The pattern is “Slithery Snake” found on page 98 of the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor which you can find on Amazon here.

I knitted this toy using size 3 / 3.25mm needles. This project is knit flat and then seamed together.

I chose to knit my Rainbow Amigurumi Knitted Snake with Dishie, a cotton yarn by Knit Picks which you can browse their selection here.

The Amgirumi Knitted Snake is knit in rainbow order using the colors Fiesta Red, Clementine, Bumblebee, Jalapeno, Blue, Mulberry, and Begonia.

The pattern will tell you to also add a red felt tongue to complete the entire aesthetic of a snake. I chose to omit that because this is a toy that will be played with quite a bit and I thought the tongue would be a little fussy to take care of.

This rainbow amigurumi knitted snake came to be by the request of my 3 year old, Julz. She loves anything and everything rainbow. She loved seeing Mommy work on her snake bit by bit everyday and see the snake get bigger and bigger. The eyes for the snake were chosen by my 8 year old Fiona. We thought the blue was something fun and different and played into the whimsy of the rainbow color to the snake.

Amigurmi Knitted Toy Snake Front View

What are my thoughts on this pattern and would I recommend?

I think the pattern is wonderful, easy and clear. I learned more stitches and I used lifelines about 4 times throughout the process. Using lifelines really gave me confidence in this longer term project that if something were to happen I didn’t need to stress. I could rip back and start over.

However, I do wish I had used a different yarn for this. I am not really happy with the performance of the Dishie yarn in this knitted toy and I will not use Dishie Cotton for any amigurumi project for knitting in the future. I have so much leftover that I will recycle it into something else, but I am not quite sure what yet. I am quite curious to see if it will work better in a crochet amigurumi toy. So, maybe that is what I will do to give you, my readers, a comparison and what my thoughts are.

I enjoyed using the Dishie Yarn in the process of the project but as an end result I am just not quite thrilled with the execution of it. It seems to be pilling already!

But other than the yarn I am thrilled with this Rainbow Amigurumi Knitted Snake project. I am very happy and proud of myself for completing this. This was quite a task for me as I am not the most accomplished knitter and it has given me the confidence to continue knitting more complicated things!

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I am having a blast working on these fun and whimsy projects in crochet and knitting. I am finding that I am becoming a much better knitter with these projects that are pushing me to learn new things and trust my abilities but are not mundane and boring. I think what is really motivating me are my children asking Mom to make something for them and seeing that as long as you work on something a little every day you can accomplish anything big or small. Your children will see your successes and this is a fun way to portray that point of persistence is key…even in relation to knitting a Rainbow Amigurimi Knitted Snake <3

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