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I love primitive heart decor all year round. I love collecting country pieces with hearts on it when I go thrifting. These Primitive Heart Boxes are a really simple and inexpensive DIY that give a big impact in your home.

You can choose to stack them or decorate with them individually. I love decor that I can shove knick knacks in. I am the queen of little odds and end. I think a lot of us crafters are and these are a great hybrid for your living areas.

Brianna Lentz Primitive Heart Boxes 2

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I got all the supplies from Hobby Lobby. The Paper Mache Heart Boxes from Hobby Lobby are only $9.99. I thought this was a really affordable purchase. Sometimes things are more expensive to make then to buy it already made, but in this case I think the customization and size of this project justify the cost and really do make this project inexpensive.

Primitive Heart Boxes Materials Used:

Brianna Lentz Primitive Heart Boxes Materials Used
  • Heart Shaped Paper Mache Boxes
  • Folk Art Paint in 3 coordinating colors
  • Sealer

I highly suggest you seal your paper mache box before you paint. Paper mache boxes will soak up a lot of paint so I really suggest you do not skip sealing the paper mache box before painting. Depending on the opacity of your paint will depend on the number of coats you need. I needed to do two to three. You could use sandpaper and rough out the edges as well if you wanted to give your boxes a more aged look. Next I also highly suggest you seal your painted primitive heart boxes. That is it you are done. The most time consuming part of this project is waiting between coats for it to dry. You can speed up this process with a hair dryer too if you wanted. I chose to paint the bottoms and not the insides of my boxes.

Primitive Heart Boxes

Brianna Lentz Primitive Heart Boxes 2

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