Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns

These Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns are my Valentine’s Day Gifts to you!

I love sweet and simple embroideries that are quick to stitch and even easier to finish and display. Last year I drew out some simple designs and stitched them in hand on muslin. I did not back these embroidery pieces with batting. You can choose to embroider these designs onto fabric with batting behind it if you so choose.

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I knew from the beginning I wanted to create a few Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns that would take the place of cross stitch smalls in a dough bowl-type finishing. With that in mind, I kept my finishing very simple.

If Cross Stitch is more your thing, or something you also like to do, you might be interested in my Love and Hearts Cross Stitch Pattern that I released this January. You can purchase it via instant PDF download from my Etsy shop HERE.

I find that I am most home in a Vintage meets Modern type Aesthetic and that is exactly how I would describe this set of Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns. They are stitched only using two colors of DMC threads. You can embroider these in whatever colors you choose of course. I think that is one of the most fun parts of embroidery, to me it is like outlining in marker versus coloring in with a crayon like we do with cross stitch. ( I always remember as a kid, coloring with a marker outline was a quick and easy start and finish! Kind of feels the same with embroidery!)

I created a video showing how I fully Finished and Displayed my Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns into pillows here if you would like to watch:

The designs themselves are very simple, almost primitive looking. All you need to do to create these Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns is to print them out to the size you would like your finished pillows to be. Trace them onto your musin by placing them underneath your muslin and using a light pencil but with dark enough lines so you can see them. Then embroider them using the most basic stitch. Once embroidered, cut them with a backing piece of fabric to size with seam allowance. Place both pieces of fabric front and back facing each other and sew around as you would to finish any pillow. Because they are so small you can sew these Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns into small pillows like I did by hand or by machine. I always sew them by machine and then whip stitch them closed by hand. After you have the right sides of the fabric facing each other sew around leaving a space on the bottom to be able to turn your project right side out. Stuff with filling, I chose poly-pil. Next, stitch closed with your method of choosing, Again I sewed mine shut with a whip stitch.


I hope you enjoy this small gift of mine to you and have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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