Dollar Tree Winter Painting Activity

I’m not sure about you, but I love to stock up on seasonal crafts for the kids at Dollar Tree and tuck them away for days I need something quick and easy to keep the kids entertained on days where it’s too wet or cold to play outside.

This type of activity is my absolute favorite thing to have tucked away. I bought these wood signs in November and almost forgot about them until today when we had an unexpected extra amount of inside time today.

I keep a bin of craft paint ready to go in my spare closet. Earlier this year I bought about $15 worth of these paints and it was one of the best decisions I have made all year. You can get these Apple Barrel acrylic paints from Wal Mart for just 50 cents each.

What I love most about this activity is that it is fast, it is easy, and it’s cheap. Because it isn’t a costly activity I don’t feel like I need to monitor them so much and just let them do whatever they want to do if that makes sense.

My 3 year old said she wanted a yellow Santa. I told her, “Girlie, go for it!”

My 8 year old learned the lesson of using the right tool for the job on this project and the value of a base coat. She is quite proud of her Gingerbread Man and so am I, I think he is adorable!

I was left with the snowman, and I think he is cute! I wasn’t going to stitch anything with snowmen in it this year, but since I have him painted I’m thinking I will use him as a finishing prop for some cross stitch in January!

Do you stock up on project materials like this too? I’d love to know in the comments!

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