Fully Finishing My First Cross Stitch Design

Fully Finishing My First Cross Stitch Design: This January I began designing digital downloads for my Etsy Shop including cut files and now cross-stitch patterns. Today I wanted to share how I fully Finished my first cross-stitch Design Love and Hearts.

I share the entire process visually in a YouTube video on my channel here:

Fully Finishing My First Cross Stitch Design

I chose to use a decorative clipboard I picked up from Goodwill a week or two ago for $1.99. I went between this and Fully Finishing my first cross stitch design into a pillow but thought this would be the best way to display it.

I decided to use sticky board that I bought from Hobby Lobby in the cross stitch section by Yarnology. I miss the days when you could use a 40% coupon on anything. It made these sticky boards much more affordable. Sometimes I just use foam board or chip board with glue but today I treated myself to using a piece of sticky board.

I glued the fabric to the back of the sticky boarding using fabri-tac glue. Some people use hot glue or Aileens but Fabri-Tac has become my favorite all-purpose glue in the house for almost all of my miscellaneous projects. For the backing fabric piece, I glued the fabric right onto the board. For my stitched piece I placed a piece of batting down first then glued my stitching to it by wrapping it around and glueing it to the back. I like this look much better than a flat attachment with my stitch pieces. I think the batting really makes a difference inhed outcome the fully finis.

I then glued both pieces together using fabri-tac glue and placed a towel down then a cast iron skillet for about 10 minutes to ensure my first cross stitch design was securely glued to the fabric piece behind it.

Once finished I placed it on the clipboard and that was that. In less than 20 minutes I took my first cross stitch piece from a To Be Finished Pile to a beautiful decorative piece that I get to enjoy all day long in my most lived in area of my house, the living room.

I love romantic Valentine’s decorations and that is how I feel this piece is portrayed fully finished, I am quite pleased. I had been a little worried with the straight lines in the border but the process to fully finish was easy and nothing came out wonky, yay!

If there is something you have thought about doing, but haven’t taken the leap. Stop right now and go do it! It is always worth it in the end to have started and failed than to have never started at all. Because truly you never fail, you will always add to the experience that gains you your next success.

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