Primitive Pumpkins

I am so proud of these Primitive Pumpkins.  I have wanted to make this Primitive Project for at least two years.  I look at them and instantly think of the fun the kids and I had making them.  I have fallen more and more in love with the Primitive Style and Primitive Home Decor this last year and these Primitive Pumpkins fit right in.

Brianna Lentz with her Primitive Pumpkins.

I purchased the pattern for these Primitive Pumpkins from Chestnut Junction and found a lot of inspiration from it. She has a variety of Primitive Projects to choose from.

My Primitive Pumpkins vary from hers in a lot of ways but are very similar in other ways.  

Primitive Pumpkins Displayed

If you are interested in seeing the process of my making these Primitive Pumpkins, you can watch a video of making them here on my YouTube Channel:

I skipped a few steps and did a few things out of her order but that is what really make these mine and not a carbon copy of hers.  Because really these are Primitive Projects and are easy to make into your own with your own creativity.  I really contemplated painting the Primitive Pumpkins in green and yellow and orange but I ultimately decided that they could double up as Halloween Colors in these finished colors.

Primitive Pumpkins Displayed after embroidery andapplique complete.

I love the process in making Primitive Projects.  My favorite part of this particular project the embroidery and applique.  I really feel like it was at this point, the details really made the Pumpkins come alive.  The part I was dreading the most was the insertion of the sticks at the top of the Pumpkin’s head.  However, this was actually really fin and surprisingly quick.

My children also really enjoy helping me create Primitive Projects. On this project they each got a Primitive Pumpkin to paint their cinnamon and coffee stain. We all had a good time and I love that it inspires them to create things for our home as well and to help Mommy with her activities.

I am looking forward to starting some new Primitive Projects for Christmas this year. Do you like Primitive Projects around Christmas time? What is your favorite time of the year to decorate Primitive? I love it all year long. I am hoping to do more Spring Primitive Projects in the new year.

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