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This year I decided I would create my own cozy advent calendar for my girls instead of shopping for one. I bought the Cricut Maker to make things…so why not MAKE an advent calendar… Actually. This was all entirely my husband’s idea. He even picked out the bags and twine for me on Amazon! That is pretty cool, huh?

What is a Cozy Advent Calendar?

A Cozy Advent Calendar is your typical advent calendar but it gives you all the cozy vibes, is aesthetically pleasing and even teaters on being hygge.

Originally, we were going to hang the advent with twine above our fireplace. However, we quickly realized that we just didn’t like that idea visually. I then thought, well, I love things in baskets. So, why not just place them all in a big basket and it gives, to me, all the more cozy vibes.

Actually, think it is really easy accessible to my 4 year old this way too and also allowed me to not have to worry about the weight of the item I was putting in the bag.

I had originally thought I would just put a piece of candy for each of my daughters in each bag, but I just got excited and decided to get them a variety of things for throughout the month along with some days where they would just open candy. I think this will add to their excitement of opening them every day.

If you would like to see a process video of me making this advent calendar, watch here:

So Brianna, how did I create a cozy advent calendar with your Cricut Maker?

  1. Gather your supplies. We purchased these Burlap Bags which are 3″ x 4″ in the color coffee. We had intended to use this twine and set of 100 mini clothespins to hang the calendar from over our fire place. I also used easy weed Heat Transfer Vinyl in Matte Black.

2. You need to go in your Design Space from Cricut and select 25 different images for your calendar. You need to be mindful of the size being 2″ x 2″ on your 3″ x 4″ Bag. I chose pretty simple designs for this reason. Once those images are selected you need to lay them out on your mat in the program and DO NOT FORGET TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGES before you hit cut. This is a HTV project which means you need to mirror most of what you cut so you might as well mirror everything.

3. I chose to do my weeding and heating in batches. As you can see I would do about 5 – 7 at a time. Weed them, prep them and heat my Cricut Heatpress to the setting it told me to on the Cricut Heat Press Guide for Burlap.

I continued this process until all 25 bags were complete.

This really is a very simple project and all the images I used were found in Cricut design Space. I pay for access to the Cricut Library every month. I chose images that were appealing to me and would be simple to use and I think give an overall comfy Christmas feeling.

Finally, as I have said before, how you want to display your Cozy Advent Calendar is completely up to you. You do You! There is no one right way to display your favorite Christmas Items every year.

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