A Fantastic Breakfast with Santa at the Tulsa Zoo

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Breakfast with Santa at the Tulsa Zoo was wonderful. If you ever get the opportunity to sign up for an event like this, you should say yes and do it. My girls, ages 8 and 4, both really enjoyed the experience of enjoying Santa with other kids their age, in addition to all the fun activities they were able to do there.

Breakfast with Santa took place the Saturday of December 4th and December 11th with a time slot at 9 and time slot at 12.

We went to Breakfast with Santa on December 11th at 12. We, originally, had signed up for December 4th at 9, but due to a scheduling conflict it was easy to call and change my ticket times. The Tulsa zoo was super kind to me about it!

Breakfast with Santa was a total surprise to my girls and they had such a blast!

We had gone to the zoo just two weeks before, which you can watch here, but when they realized they got to visit Santa at the zoo I think their minds were blown. With the purchase of the Breakfast with Santa event were unlimited train rides. The girls and I enjoyed riding the train at the Tulsa Zoo for the first time even if it was freezing!

Before the event started at 12 they had 2 reindeer out front that the kids could see. Not gonna lie, the reindeer looked sad, but being able to pet a pelt and see how large their antlers really grew to be was pretty amazing!

At 12, the door to the event center opened and we were helped to our assigned seats. The girls and I shared our table with another family, who looked like they were donors to the zoo and were very kind. Everyone in the room was kind and respectful. Once seated, the kids had coloring pages and a prompt to write a letter to Santa that they could later place in a mailbox when they visited him. My daughter, Fiona, handed Santa her letter directly, as he walked around the tables and visited each family.

There were plenty of drinks for kids and adults: water, milk, orange juice and apple juice. If the adults would like, there was also coffee and tea ( I had 2 cups of coffee. It was very good.). The food was really good too. There were a lot of baked treats that were fresh and yummy. Fruit Salad, potato hash, scrambled eggs that were delicious. There were also waffles, syrup and a lot of Bacon. There was definitely more than enough food for everyone who attended to have seconds or thirds.

After breakfast, the activities started. You could go take your children to make an ornament, decorate a cookie and/or listen to a story which was followed by the woman revealing a rescued screeching owl. My children loved this. They were also allowed to ask questions and this is where my daughter, Fiona, made a friend who later gave her an ornament she had made at the event. (it was the sweetest thing!). My girls loved the activities, they were age appropriate for Julz, 4, and Fiona, 8.

The line for Santa Claus was also pretty quick. The people working the event were really polite and seemed genuinely kind. I even think we got recognized out in public for the first time!!!! That was crazy. Remind me I need to make business cards!

Anyways, there were a lot of families there, but I felt really comfortable taking my girls to this event by myself. My husband had to work both weekends and this event took places and even by myself, Breakdasr With Santa at the Tulsa Zoo was so low stress it was not over whelming to me at all. And because this was at the zoo it made the before and after really fun. The girls loved seeing Sea Lion Cove and the lions sunbathing before the event started as well as playing on the playground afterwards.

all in all this was a 10 out of 10 for me. You know I am frugal woman, and I will who heartedly say this was worth the ticket price. If you are a Tulsa Zoo Member you even get a small discount on ticket price! Have you taken your kids or grandkids to something like this? I would love to know in the comments down below.

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