NO SEW Applique Tote Bag With Free Snow Man Pattern by Brianna Lentz

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These no sew applique tote bags were such a place of inspiration for me this week. I Have been loving the world of no sew appliqué this month. I really can see how this can become a new form of painting for me as I continue to build skills with this art form. The opportunities are endless with sewn appliqué as well as no sew appliqué. I recently purchased a set of 12 muslin tote bags from Amazon to make things for my booth at The Rusty Cabin in Savanna, OK. After purchasing them I realized I could design so many things for these bags, but how do I apply these designs without painting or a Circuit? Well there is a product called Heat n Bond UltraHold that is specifically labeled as a no sew product on the outside of it’s packaging. Upon realizing this product’s use, I hit the ground running. I have so many ideas and patterns, and things to share with you I literally cannot wait.

My No Sew Applique Tote Bag Designs

Here are the two no sew applique tote bag designs I most recently made. I will have these tote bags for sale in my Etsy shop within the week. I am going to be making things for my booth at The Rusty Cabin as well as make things for my Etsy shop. I am just having a blast creating things and would love it if you would think about shopping small and supporting my small business by shopping at the Rusty Cabin or my Etsy Shop – BriannaLentzShop

If you are interested in creating a no sew appliqué tote bag of your own, click the video embedded here, and watch my free tutorial on how to create your own snowman tote bag. I provide you with a free downloadable PDF pattern so you can make your own. Remember to watch my video to see the full step by step instruction process to make the exact replica of what you see here.

If you are here to view and download the free traceable PDF pattern downloads, they are right here for your convenience.

Thank you so much for supporting me, my website and my Youtube channel. I hope you are doing well and will see you very soon <3

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