Pumpkin Seeds Vintage Color Conversion

Pumpkins Seeds Vintage Color Conversion Brianna Lentz

When I saw the release of  “Pumpkin Seeds” by Stitching With the Housewives a Pumpkin Seeds Vintage Color Conversion had to happen. I knew exactly how I wanted to covert it into my style.  I stopped all projects and started working on this piece.  I first went to my stash of Aida and dyed a piece in Dark Brown.  I knew I wanted this to match my own decor for Fall which is a very Prim and darker country vive with a lot of vintage inspiration and antiques.

Pumpkin Seeds VINTAGE COLOR Conversion information.

A Stitching With the Housewives Pattern.

I did a floss toss with the DMC I had on hand.  I had most of the called for thread in my stash already from other projects so I used that as my template for when I pulled the darker floss.   I really enjoyed the process of making this pretty design my own style.

Pumpkins Seeds Vintage Color Conversion Fully Finished

Pumpkin Seeds Vintage Color Conversion

Original Called for DMC to My Conversion DMC

  • 3865 to Ecru
  • 841 to 610
  • 988 to 501
  • 402 to 3826
  • 729 to 729 
  • 721 to 976

I stitched my piece on a 14 count Aida that I RIT Dyed in Dark Brown.

Originally, I had thought that I would fully finish this piece in a way that could be hung as decor.  I had purchased a Dollar Tree Blank Wood Pumpkin that I had planned on staining and then mount the piece on sticky board which would be the center of the pumpkin.  However, I saw this wheelbarrow that I had picked up from Goodwill last year and I was like TaDa!  I will finish the piece as a pillow and the fairy tale pumpkin seeds can live in the wheel barrow.  

I really like this finish quite a bit.  I like that its simple and diverse and stands alone without taking up too much space when I put it away for the year.

I show Pumpkin Seeds as a finished item in my most recent Flosstube, Flosstube 15. You can see it here:

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I love making things for Fall.  It was a really cool feeling this year to look around my living room and see all of my handmade decor and how it contributed to making my house a home on a Dime.  I have an entire series that I keep updating, which is just that. Making Your House a Home On A Dime I know sometimes, our stash may say otherwise.  But truly, DIY is still a very fun and cost effective way to make your house your home.

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