Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornaments Felt Applique Kit Review

Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornaments

Working on this Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornament was a wonderful experience. I have wanted to purchase a Bucilla Felt Applique Kit for a couple of years and this September I knew it was time to just do it! I am so glad I did because this Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornament Kit is absolutely adorable and I believe it is a great introduction into Bucilla Felt Ornaments.

The first Bucilla Vintage Halloween ornament the instructions have you make is the pumpkin with cute sequined hat and glasses.

Because it was the first ornament it tells you to do that is the first one I completed. I am really happy with making the choice to follow the instructions in order. I feel like I was able to learn a ton of new new skills because the pumpkin is so detailed.

The Bucilla felt appliqué kit is really well organized and makes a lot of sense even to a brand new maker to this type of kit like me.

I found googling and youtubing specific a instruction I just needed a visual of to help me execute well was really helpful and easy to do. I thought the strung beads would be the hardest part for me and it was really enjoyable and one of the fastest steps.

Felt Applique Kit Review

I will say that you need to pay close attention to the number of threads for each step it wants you to complete. Refer to your symbols and key and then check it twice! I also found that organization was really crucial to my efficiency on this project and for the benefit of working on the other 5 ornaments. I knew that if I did not organize this kit well from the very beginning it would be to a detriment to me down the road. I would highly recommend you figure out your sysytem with this kit early on.

This ornament took me a short while to complete. This was not quick for me, however, I was learning almost everything as I was creating it. I think future Bucilla Felt appliqué kits will be completed quicker as I become more confident in my skills.

I think the designs in this Bucilla Felt Applique Kit are spot on.

I think Bucilla did a wonderful job taking some retro designs and making them. their own. This kit screams retro Halloween especially with the retro look of all the sequins and beads.

I created a video review for the Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornaments kit which you can find here:

I highly recommend this ornament kit. I think for $15.99 you receive an incredible value in this kit. I purchased my kit here:


I think the value for your money is in this kit as well as I beleive Bucilla really sets you up as the creator and maker up for success. Sometimes you can buy a kit and you are left high and dry. Not the case with this kit at all.

I am really looking forward to working through the rest of the ornaments in this kit and of course I have already purchased another kit and can’t wait to dig into that one too! If you are intimidated by the idea of this kit I highly encourage you to watch my video to see just how well organized it is for you for a newbie and challenging enough for an experienced stitcher.

All in all I am really proud of my first Bucilla Felt Ornament.

I think I was able to create and execute something extrememly close to what they market to you on the cover of the kit. I am so pleased!

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Bucilla Vintage Halloween Ornaments

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