Lemon Bars Tug On My Heartstrings

Lemon Bars Tug at My Heartstrings

Lemon Bars are one of my favorite desserts and the recipe I found is amazing.

Have you ever watched Preppy Kitchen on YouTube? I haven’t seen one of his videos until recently and I cannot believe it took me this long to find him! I have been binge watching a lot of baking videos with my girls lately (more on that in a post to come) and one specific video of his came up in our suggested videos to watch. Lemon Bars.

Lemon Bars Brianna Lentz Girls

It was quite a serendipitous thing to have happen because I have been craving Lemon Bars the last two weeks. I made lemon curd recently and since that day I thought to myself, ‘Yep this is good stuff.’ and then ‘Hmm this reminds me of something….’ Next I had a flood of good food memories attached with lemon and then this intense need to make Lemon Bars or Lemon Squares, whichever way you want to call it.

As I have probably mentioned a few times before I have a terrible memory. However, food seems to jog a lot of those buried deep down feel good memories up to the surface. I talk about sourdough bread being one of those food memory break throughs here.

Lemon Bars Mr. Preppy Recipe

Lemon Bars Tug On My Heartstrings

Lemon bars is another one of those foods that seem to bring me back to specific days of my childhood. The zing of the lemon and the dusting of powdered sugar on top. Oh my goodness, just thinking about it makes me feel good. What is funny to note is that up until the last two weeks I never really thought about or had a desire to make lemon bars. I have made a lot of lemon things but lemon bars never seemed significant to me and then I tried making lemon curd and it was done. I had to make lemon bars and yep they are as wonderful as I remember them being when I was a kid.

Another fabulous things about Lemon Bars is that it uses 8 eggs! If you have chickens at home that are egg layers, then I am sure you can relate to there being times of the year where you seem to have eggs coming out of your ears and need a new recipe to try to use up those eggs before they go bad on your counter. And not a quiche recipe either. [I have a post about the value of eggs you can read here if you are interested.]

Well my friends, if you are in a similar position to me, then let me be your eureka! for the day and remind you of the beauty of curd and custard in baking….they use a lot eggs 🙂

Lemon Bars Brianna Lentz and girls

The girls and I had a ton of fun making these lemon bars. Their favorite part of the entire process I think was the shortbread crust because you really get to use your hands to pat down the crumbs into your baking dish. It is like magic, it goes from being small clumps of butter and flour until a flat surface in your dish. Edible play doh!

You can see a short video of us making these Lemon Bars using the Preppy Kitchen Recipe here:

The girls however were not a huge fan of the amount of lemon the recipe asks for in these lemon bars. Jason and I both LOVE this recipe and the tartness, however unless your child realllllly likes lemon I would say use 3/4 and not a full cup of lemon like Preppy Kitchen asks you to use.

Since the girls weren’t going to eat the lemon bars and I could see Jason and I eating every last crumb, I decided to call a friend of mine and see if I could drop off some lemon bars. You know what, she didn’t mind at all. Funny, huh?

Lemon Bars Care Package Brianna Lentz

I love baking and trying new things with my girls and have started to share more of our bakes so that way we can make more new things and not have to eat all of it because well baked treats do not go to waste in our house. That would be abominable.

By the way, did you spy those truffles in the container? Those are my chocolate and orange truffles, you can find the recipe here!

Who knew there could be so much to discuss about Lemon Squares? You did probably, huh? <3

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