Tutorial: How to Fully Finish Your Beetlejuice Cross Stitch Pattern

I live in a little big town and my nearest Hobby Lobby is about 60 miles away.  So when I went to buy the black ornate frame that has always been there and they did not have it… I decided to make do as crafters do and this is what I did.  With that being said… You might find a super cool ornate 5 X 7 frame at the thrift store and be able to follow these steps and get a super cool effect using this tutorial.


  • 5 x 7 Frame
  • Black Spray Paint – optional
  • Sticky Mounting Board
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Your Stitched Piece
    • Here is a link to my Beetlejuice Inspired Free Cross Stitch Pattern


  • I bought this $4 5 X 7 Frame and $4 Matte Black Spray Paint at Wal Mart.  I already had sticky board in my stash and hot glue gun was hot.

How to Beetlejuice Frame IMG 4

    • The day before you want to complete your project you will want to spray paint your  frame. Here is a video where I show you how I spray painted mine.

  • With the frame fully dry, make sure your stitched work is cut down and completely ironed.

Ironed Cross Stitch Piece

  • Mount your cross stitch piece to your sticky board.

Picture of Sticky Board

  • I used fabric chalk to give me a ball park idea of where to mount it because I was sort of doing it blind.

Cross Stitch Piece with Chalk Outline

  • Next, flip your mounted piece over and hot glue the fabric down.

Demonstration Picture of Hot Glue on Sticky Board

  • Place in frame, cinch it down and you are done.

Finished Product photo of Beetlejuice Picture Frame

This honestly took 2 hours the day before to spray paint, and then 10 minutes the next day to actually fully finish.   And I personally think it looks super rad.