Rabbit and Dumplings is Delicious

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My Husband, Jason, made the most delicious Rabbit and Dumplings this week. I could not believe how much I enjoyed eating a meat rabbit.

Rabbit and Dumplings is the new Chicken and Dumplings

In the Spring and Summer we have quite a few rabbits that frequent our property. They are predominantly cotton tails, but they are absolutely beautiful. What I have learned is the story of Peter Rabbit is true. If a rabbit can get into your garden, a rabbit will find that way. Well, after the rabbit ate the majority most of our garden…we got to eat it. And this rabbit was wonderful.

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If you have never eaten a meat rabbit before, Jason and I both agree, the best way to describe the meat is somewhere between the dark meat of a chicken and a turkey.

Jason made rabbit dumplings by first searing the rabbit in a skillet and locking in a lot of flavor and then cooking the rabbit all day in the crock pot. In the evening I made some flat dumplings and the flour from the dumplings thickened up the rabbit stew beautifully just as it would have had we made chicken and dumplings. It was heavenly seasoned with salt and pepper and was just a cozy home cooked meal that was truly farm to table. One of the best meals I have ever eaten. Jason did a wonderful job.

Fiona, our 9 year old, really enjoyed it. She is very keen to the idea of raising meat rabbits of our own. Julz, our 4 year old, whose favorite animal is a bunny rabbit…will not be partaking in the eating of rabbits…yet.

I have also been baking a lot with sourdough and different sourdough bread recipes lately. You can see some on our Off5Degrees channel here

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