How To Finish Your Cross Stitch On A Wood Stand

I have a new found love for finishing my stitching on these wooden stands. Jason and I made these wooden stands and stained them. If you are interested in these we would be more than happy to sell them and or make a video showing how we made them. Comment down below or on my video and let me know if that is something that you would be interested in ♥️

What I love most about these stands for cross stitch finishing is that I now have a great option for creating lots of cross stitch pieces with the ability to alternate them on this same stand. I love a lot of the finishing I see that uses magnets but I wanted something a bit different that had height without using bows bcuz I’m not a bow kind of gal…typically.

The cross stitch piece is Candy Cane Coop by Stitching With the Housewives.

I stitched using the called for DMC on 28 count Tea Monaco.

The backing is a red and cream ticking fabric I purchased from Wal Mart.

All instructions for this finishing is in my video tutorial which you can find here:


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I am looking forward to cross stitching up things for Spring and sharing more ideas with you on how I finish more cross stitch on these stands!

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