One Last Summer Adventure Through The Woods Before Fall

This past weekend we were in that grey area of seasons where it isn’t quite Summer yet but you can feel the fingers of Fall start to tug at you. This made for a great day to go on an adventure in the woods this past Labor Day. Our kids like to call it a walk in the forrest. Don’t anyone dare correct my 3 year old because it the cutest thing when she goes up to her daddy and says, “Daddy I want to go for a walk in the forrrrrrest.”

There were a lot of wonderful changes already being made for the new season. New acorns were beginning to Fall to feed the deer. Mushrooms were growing as the weather has become more damp in recent days. Hog tracks were less visible and deer tracks were more prominent. The last time we went to this location we were able to walk on the river bottom and today the stream was full and ready to fish. The girls were reenergized as was I.

At the last second we decided to talk our dog Daisy with us and she had a blast. She was able to smell all kinds of animals, squirrels, hogs, deer, new birds. She must have been on sensory overload. She also had a great time playing in the water. Because we took Daisy I wasn’t able to film as much as I would have liked but I did film enough to make a short video of what it looked like on our adventures in nature this weekend. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video and I will be sure to update you soon on our next adventure.

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