Vlogmas 2020 with Brianna Lentz

Do you vlogmas? Every year I love watching people share vlogmas videos. I really like seeing a closer look Into people’s lives when they share it. I always wanted to participate myself but sometimes it’s easier to say you don’t have time rather than to see if you can make time.

Well this year I made the time on a complete whim. I was stitching Friday and thought why the heck not try it? And whose to say I have to upload for every day and not make my own rules and upload these when it fits into my schedule.

So far I have uploaded what we did on the 4th and 5th and from there we shall see how things fall into place. There may be other days that I combine days and then upload that as a combined day video.


I will continue uploading my weekly video too, so look for that. This week I will be sharing a video about the aprons I made the girls wear in vlogmas December 5th. They wore them for baking and decorating Christmas cookies and felt so pretty ♥️

I just know I will treasure all of these videos and memories we are making this month when my kids get older.  I know all too well how fast these kids grow, and my two kids aren’t going to be this small forever and I am going to be so grateful to myself that I made my own home videos to look back on.  This is another reason I chose to participate in vlogmas this year, a great motivation to make those home movies I’ve always wanted to make but never put to the top of my priority list among all the things I try to get done in a day.  Now, that I have really seen how easy these are to make., I’m not sure I will find a reason to stop making them.

I like to start all the Christmas things at the beginning of December because it alleviates stress for me, I can be rigid towards Christmas with a list of things “I need” to accomplish. If I mark them off my list early I can say I’ve done them and I’m not stressed if my schedule changes… like it usually will.

I would love to hear down below if you have ever watched vlogmas videos before.

I also thought this year would be a great year to share a little bit more of my family for those of you who may be feeling a little extra lonely in what can be one of the loneliest times of the year. I recognize this isn’t the most merriest of times for all of us. We all have our struggles, I am here for you. ♥️

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