Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern

Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern is a beginner friendly crochet pattern that is fast and cost-effective.

The yarn I chose for the Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern is Yarn Bee Authentic Hand-Dyed Chunky in the color In Full Bloom. I purchased this yarn in my massive Clarance yarn haul from Hobby Lobby this past April which you can watch here.

You need two skeins of bulky or chunky weight size 5 yarn, or approximately 150 yards to get this project done. This is a crochet project that would be great to sell at holiday craft fairs or to make for Christmas presents. Merino Wool is a lovely fiber to crochet with.

Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern utilizes only the chain stitch and half double crochet stitch but in the third bar. It creates a beautiful effect by pushing the two v’s to the front which you can see here. Normally, you would have a ridge pattern when crocheting half double crochet in rounds or rows. However, by crocheting in the third bar you get a reversible look that pushes the v’s in a row and is really beautiful. Hence the name, basic but fancy.

If you would really like to make an impressive crochet cowl, this is one that you can achieve for very little effort in a very short amount of time.

Another thing I really like about the Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern is that it is flexible to your gauge. You can adapt this pattern to your liking to fit your gauge as a crocheter.

You can follow along with all of my Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Cowl Patterns in my free YouTube tutorial

In this post I offer you the free pattern to the size small and medium.

You can find the Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Cowl in sizes Small to Medium HERE.

You can also purchase the ad free pattern that includes both sizes in my Etsy shop HERE.

Basic But Fancy

Chunky Crochet Hat Free Pattern

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Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat 
A Brianna Lentz Pattern

Level: Beginner / Easy
Materials Needed:
Chunky Weight 5 Yarn – 2 skeins or 150 yards approximately
Size N / 9 mm crochet hook
Stitch Markers
Abbreviations Used: CH – Chain HDC – Half Double Crochet

Chain 35 
Row 1 – HDC in 3rd chain from hook. HDC across. 33 HDC ( I advise placing a stitch marker in each row’s first and last stitch.) 
Row 2 and every row to end or 20″ in length – CH 1 Turn.  HDC in the third bar of the first Half Double Crochet stitch. HDC in the third bar only of every HDC across the row. 33 HDC.

At the last row, you reach 20”.  Your work should measure approximately 13” by 20″.  Leave a long tail to sew the first and last row together making a tube.

Seam Hat: CH 1 and turn your work.  Take the bottom edge of your work and bring it to meet your top row to be seamed together.

Slip stitch together the top and bottom rows of your work together.  Insert your hook into the starting chain and then into the back loop of the next stitch to be worked.  Slip stitch together and continue to the end of the row.  Slip stitch both ends of your work together loosely and not too tightly, trying to match the tension of your previous work and remain stretchy.  Note that this is the wrong side of your work, the inside of your hat.

At the end of the row cut your yarn leaving a long tail to finish the top of the hat.  15-20” should suffice.

Position your work and fastened off yarn so the wrong side remains facing out.  Put yarn on a darning needle, and work a running stitch around the top to gather the top of the hat closed. Pull the yarn tight and secure it with a knot to close.  If you see a small hole, continue to make stitches to close the small hole.  Knot the yarn again and weave in the ends.

Turn your hat rightsize out and you are finished! You can wear it with a folded-up brim or without, it is your choice!

I chose to accessorize my hat with a pom pom made with leftover yarn in the same color.

If you make the Basic But Fancy Chunky Crochet Hat please tag me on all of my social media. I would love to see your creations and I would love to see what yarn you chose to work with!

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