Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

A Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern for a Basic Girl.

The Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern is a very easy beginner friendly pattern that works up so quickly using Velvety Smooth yarn from Hobby Lobby yarn brand, Yarn Bee.

The name is a spoof on the basic girl who loves pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice lattes as soon as there is a whisper of Fall. I thought it would be fun to play a spoof on it and take pictures that make me look like the basic bitch I really am.

There are a ton of crochet pumpkin patterns out there, but I really do think mine is unique in the fact that are tall and fat and are designed using Hobby Lobby yarn that I think is really undervalued by crocheters.

Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Materials Needed:

Size 5.0 or H Crochet Hook

Velvety Smooth yarn. In the pictures you see me use Ivory, Mustard, and Pumpkin.

Large pumpkins require 1 skein per pumpkin.

Smaller Pumpkins require 1 skein per 2 pumpkins. I recommend you weight out your yarn and give yourself approximately 50g of yarn per pumpkin.

For Finishing I hot glued Cinnamon sticks together and tied twine around the cinnamon stitck.

Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Brianna Lentz


CH – Chain

HDC – Half Double Crochet

NOTE – Ch 1 at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch.

Large Pumpkin: [Small Size in Brackets]

Ch 31 [21]. Leave an 18″ piece of yarn to use later for finishing.

Row 1 – Skip first chain, HDC across. (30 HDC) [20HDC]

Rows 2-28 [18] – CH 1, Turn work, HDC in the BACK LOOP of each HDC across. (30 HDC) [20 HDC]

Leave a length of 18″-24″ of yarn and fasten off. Do not weave in ends.

Finishing Steps:

1 – Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom of the pumpkin and pull tight. This should be the foundation chain end.

2- Make 2 stitches to secure the two sides together then sew around bottom to close hole left with gathering bottom into round.

3 – Whip stitch sides together, careful not to miss a stitch otherwise that will show when stuffing later.

4 – At top of pumpkin tie to ends together to secure.

5 – Sew gathering stitch around the top.

6- Stuff pumpkin

7- Pull top of pumpkin closed tight, careful not to break the yarn. ( I did that, so watch your tension.)

8. Hot glue cinnamon sticks together if you would like a thicker stem. Place stem in center and hot glue in place with top gathered tightly.

9. Once stem is secure stitch around the stem one more time.

10. Take your threaded needle and shove it down the center through the bottom of the pumpkin. Take a couple stitches to secure. Shove back up the pumpkin to the top out the other side of the stem. This will give the pumpkin the squished down look. You can shove the needle one more time down through the bottom center. Secure with a couple of stitches than fasten off.

11 -Tie some twine around the cinnamon stick stem and your Basic Crochet Pumpkin is complete!

I really enjoyed making this Basic Crochet Pumpkin Pattern. It is a very fast and simple project I was able to make a set of 2, one large and small pumpkin in a day. These will make great gifts for someone close to you this fall or even be great items to make and sell at your local Fall Craft Markets and Fairs.

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