Fun and Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets Using TeachersPayTeachers

Fun and Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets are easy to find and are fun ways for you to customize your homeschool curriculum.

We really started to begin our school year this week. I previously talked about how we began our school year in the beginning of July here. However I had something happen the following day, which I talk about here, which took me out for about a week physically, mentally and emotionally. Following that, we had vacation and that leaves us to starting our school year really this week.

The beauty of home based education is that you can educate all the time, and take breaks all the time, especially when you have family emergency happen.

With all that being said… We started to really dive into the curriculum for kindergarten and 4th grade from The Good and The Beautiful. It is going ok so far. We love the Marine Biology Unit Study. But, it just isn’t enough…not for my super hungry kids with a very academic appetite.

So, guess what? I am embellishing quite a bit. I am in control of my daughter’s education. I am not going to overstimulate my girls, but I am going to challenge them.

I went on to and created a free account. From there I set up that I am a homeschooling teaching parent and set up which grades. Next, I searched for free math for kindergarten. A lot of amazing items came up. These links are to the first 5 packets I found appealing. The last has a literacy center included and is 65 pages long. I am looking forward to interactive learn playing with Julz. We love activities at my house so these should be great. As I find more I will make new posts. I thought this may be helpful to some other home based educators out there.

Fun and Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets From

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Addition Math Center Coloring Page Free Color By Number Summer

Kindergarten 1st Grade Math Worksheets With Boom Cards by Teacher Tam

Fall Math Pack (Freebie) by The Moffatt Girls

Math and Literacy Centers

I will next be looking for more material to download or possibly create for our Marine Biology Science unit. That is both girl’s favorite thing to learn about right now. So why not continue to feed the machine of learning with that they want to?

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