Day 1 of Home Based Education With Set Curriculum Reflection

Day 1 of Home Based Education With Set Curriculum

I really want my first line to say We Started Our Homebased Education yesterday, but after doing our first day of curriculum I realized more than I ever did that we have been doing this for years.  We have been doing home based education for Fiona for her first 6 years.  When she went to traditional public school for kindergarten through third,  we did a continuous learning home based education almost daily with her.  Now, after taking two months off from when the school year ended to “officially starting” our homeschool curriculum, we have never stopped educating our children at home, which makes it difficult for me to say we just started home based education yesterday.

With that being said we did start our theoretical kindergarten and 4th grade curriculums yesterday and it was great.  A very encapsulating word right there, but it was.  Both of my girls were ready to start filling their Summer days with fun and more education because that is our normal.  It is abnormal for us to be without learning or projects, so the absence of it was just out of routine, we were ready for routine.

I also started them early, for the freedom and flexibility throughout the year to increase or decreases certain weeks or lessons load.  Our family does not have a traditional schedule, so our learning schedule will not be either.   With this being our first year, I would rather take an extra week or two to ease into our regularity and take pressure off of the entire year.

Home Based Education With Set Curriculum

This also allows me to familiarize myself better with their curriculum with my kids.  Yesterday we did lesson 1 of our literature, math and handwriting books.  I went over what to expect for the year, how the curriculum is set up and it allowed me to start to see how I want to set up our days when we do our learning.  I am realizing we can do two science units this year as well as we can stretch history through out the entire year.  What I love about this is, both history in our curriculum is very hands on learning, however, I can add so much to their education with my choices throughout the year.

I think sometimes we can get caught up in rigid rules, especially if we feel like we are breaking them.  It is so interesting, it you think about it, a lot of times you will see people boast non compliance, all the while, you see them fill their lives with new compliance of even more strict doctrine.

Discipline equals freedom, absolutely, but the self allowance to learn and make new from what you broke away from is the purest form of your own given freedom.  That is the beauty in what I am seeing our new sole home based education learning to be.

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