Top 5 Free Activity Downloads This Week

Top 5 Free Activity Downloads This Week

My Top 5 free activity downloads this week are a variety of different activities for my kindergarten daughter as well as my older daughter who is in fourth grade. We are in our second week of our school year and I love having a variety of interactive learning activities for my girls. This week I wanted to hit home that home based education isn’t just pushing papers. It is also a lot of fun filled with different textures, activities and colors.

These were some of my favorite downloads this week that fit the needs of what I wanted to bring to the table beyond just our The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum.

Top 5 Free Activity Downloads This Week Educating Wildflowers

Educating Wildflowers Sequencing Activity

Cut and Paste Me Animal Pals from TeachersPayTeachers

My daughters loved this. At first my five year thought what do you mean I have to color , cut and glue. She loves crafting but when it became a school activity she seemed a little insubordinate. That was until she started to glue the oil together and she then squealed , “This is so adorable!” and she has loved these cut and paste activities since. I like doing art activities in the afternoon. It is a good wind down, and a type of reward for a day’s work. These cut and glues are a really lovely easy way for her to be creative all the while developing her motor skills.

Days of the Week by Mrs. D’s Corner on Teachers Pay Teachers

This is actually two great activities in one download. Your child will have a cut and glue for each day of the week as well as have a writing prompt to practice the day of the week, each day of the week. I really loved this activity because my daughter is able to say the days of the week, she is able to follow days before and after the current day. However, she needed to work on recognizing the words and their spelling. This was perfect. We did this activity in the morning, after handwriting where I like to bring in the kindergarten extras, like coloring and matching etc.

Educating Wildflowers Continents and Oceans Activity

Label the Continents and Oceans by JH Lesson Design on Teachers Pay Teachers.

We are currently doing the Marine Biology Unit Study by The Good and the Beautiful. This cut and glue was a perfect interactive activity for not only my Kindergartener but also my 4th grader! We just covered the different oceans in Lesson 1. I used this activity as a review going into Lesson 2 of our Marine Biology Unity Study.

American Symbols Matching Cut and Paste Worksheet by Learners of the World on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I used this as our history, or social studies for the week. I will be beginning history with Fiona, ou r4th grader soon. This was a great intro into American History and US Government. It was fun for both kindergarten and 4th grade to have a brief introduction into our US History.

Educating Wildflowers Sequencing Activity

Sequencing Activity Cut and Paste Worksheet by Tech Teacher Pto3

Lastly, I would like to share these quick and simple Sequencing Worksheets. This download comes in a set of 2. Your child has to put into the correct sequence how to make a cheese sandwich and a burger after you read the order of event to them. I really like these sequence of events work sheets, it makes them slow down and think in order of operations.

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