Brianna Lentz Flosstube #9 All the Details!

Flosstube 9 Brianna Lentz

Brianna Lentz Flosstube #9 is up on Youtube and I hope you enjoyed it if you are because you are wanting to know more details 🙂 I had a guest appearance by my youngest daughter Julz, isn’t she adorable?! 🙂

She like to come hang out with me while I talk to myself in front of my phone. She is probably thinking, hmm maybe she needs company… LOL! How the heck is a 3 year old supposed to know the difference between talking into your phone for a video for all of you and not just talking to no-one or nothing.  She is my little buddy so I love it, and I am always so humbled by your patience with her in my videos as well.  

If you haven’t seen that yet, then please go ahead and click the video down below and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the newest one next week!

Brianna Lentz Flosstube #9

Brianna Lentz Flosstube #9 Details in order of which they are mentioned in my video:

  1. Manicotti Recipe. This recipe is really easy and absolutely delicious! My 8 year old said this is the best thing I have ever cooked. She was sure to specify that it was the best thing I have ever cooked…not baked haha!

2. BOOKS READ. I read a lot of books in the beginning of January. I set a goal to read 50 books this year and I think I am at a great start to achieve this goal! Goodreads tells me that I am at 10% of my goal already. That is so crazy. I have decided to read a lot of the books published in 2020. There were a lot of really interesting recommendations when I was looking over best of 2020 lists in my digital library app Libby.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia Gothic/Horror

The Guest List by Lucy Foley Thriller/ Murder Mystery

The Unspoken Name – DNF Fantasy

Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker – Current Read Non-Fiction

3. SHOUT OUTS. I love a good shout out don’t you? These are some special ladies. Please let them know I sent you over if you have never seen one of their videos before. I would totally appreciate it!

Chari Price – Priceless Stitching

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast

4. FINISHED OBJECTS. What a great start to the year by getting some 2020 WIPs out of the way. It was also a great way to feel accomplished just a few weeks into the year. Maybe the ladies with all the WIPs (which I love watching long WIP parades are on to something here.)

Just Nan 2018 Dragonfly Ornament

Brianna Lentz Finished Just Nan 2018 Dragonfly Ornament Cross Stitch

2020 Free Snowman Chart by Durene Jones

Brianna Lentz finished cross stitch chart Free snowman 2020 Designer Durene Jones

My Patriotic Project Bag I sewed up last year that I love

Brianna Lentz Patriotic Project Bag for Cross Stitch

5. WORKS IN PROGRESS. I seem to be into Lizzie Kate this year. I wonder how many Lizzie Kate charts I will end up stitching this year. I think that stitching up Lizzie Kate ornaments in Jolly July would be a ton of fun.

Lizzie Kate “Spring String

Lizzie Kate “January Flip-it Bits

6. FINISHED BUNNIES AND CARROTS – more information here. Oh my goodness. This is by far my favorite thing I accomplished this week. I love these Primitive Spring Bunnies! They are so adorable and so easy! Did you watch to the end of my video to see how I interpreted Chestnut Junction’s pattern? I followed her pattern pretty close to a T but I did add quite a few details to make them feel like my own. I loved dyeing the tops of the carrots. Since I already have a small collection of RIT dye, why not think of new and fun ways to incorporate dyeing into my other hobbies and crafts right?

Brianna Lentz Primitive Spring Bunnies

Thank you so much for hanging out with me during Brianna Lentz Flosstube #9. If you see anything or want to hang out with me a bit more come find me one Instagram @brianna_lentz!

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