The Guest List by Lucy Foley Book Review

Brianna Lentz Book Review The Guest List by Lucy Foley

The Guest List by Lucy Foley, published Feb 2020, is one of the best Mystery Thriller books I have read in a very long time.  The Guest List by Lucy Foley is masterful and has really set my expectations for mystery thrillers at a higher level.  If you enjoy who-done-it books with a thriller twist to it, then stop what you are doing and look up this book in your local library right now or at least add it to your ‘want to read’ list in Goodreads.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley Book Review:

The Guest List by Lucy Foley takes place over a two day period, the day before and the day of a wedding.  The setting is very ominous and forboding as well as the characters. There are ups and downs in every turn and is such a fast paced read that you will find you cannot seem to put this book down!  I read this a third at a time for 3 nights and if I weren’t so tired I probably would have devoured this in 2 days and not 3.

I think one of my favorite things this author did in her book was go over the top with such skill with details down to the wedding cake and birds of prey, but it wasn’t a cop out or cheesy…you know what I mean?  The wedding cake was Red Velvet, a description reminded you of a slasher film but not in the most obvious way and then the idea of a slasher film description was gone as soon as it started. I don’t want to give away  too much, but it was just great.  

I feel like there were scenes in this book that were very typical and easy going, and then all of a sudden a curve ball was thrown at you out of left field. It made you stop, think ‘Did I just read that right? Let me read that again. Yep that really happened. ‘ and again, it just worked! That is why I say this was a really masterful thriller because Lucy Foley used this skeleton of an idea for her story and then said but wait till you read it and see what I have inside for you.

One of my favorite scenes looking back was the idea of a typical night before the wedding setting with the bride and groom and then all of a sudden there is something completely weird and gross found in their room that leaves you thinking how the heck did that get in there? Who did it? There are so many reasons to read until the end of The Guest List by Lucy Foley and not just to find out who killed who.

Also, if you have read more of my book reviews besides this one, then you will already know I do not like fluff.  I do not like scenes and conversations that are pointless to the story or character development.  This book has just the right amount, all the while not skipping ahead without letting the reader further understand the next character or why backstory was given if it wasn’t important.  Everything writting in The Guest List by Lucy Foley was for a reason and it just works so perfectly for the very end of the story and even into the epilogue.

I think the overall story was cool.  I think the Irish Island was a cool place.  I think the people who were the main characters were cool and trendy people.  I think that everything was very now, very current, very trendy, even very relatable.  The characters were mostly in there mid 30s so that was very relatable to me.  I just really loved this book, I cannot seem to say enough great things about it.  It is very today, very modern and very well done.  I highly recommend The Guest List by Lisa Foley and give this a solid 5/5 star rating!  I will definitely be reading the next book published by her, without hesitation.

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