Awesome Flosstube #10 Project Details

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Here is where you will find all the details for my projects mentioned in Flosstube #10, my most recently published video on Youtube. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I really enjoyed working on all of the various projects these past two weeks. It was really refreshing to work on some things like knitting and crochet that I have not worked on in quite a while. I don’t think when I started knitting I had a goal to knit an earthworm, yet here I am showing you my earthrworm WIP and I love it. Also these projects for winter and spring cross stitch are just so pretty and delicate. I really am loving these vintage and romantic stitches.

Brianna Lentz Flosstube 10 Cross Stitch Projects

Flosstube #10 Brianna Lentz Project Details

Cross Stitch

  1. Black Bird Designs Snow Garden using mostly called for threads and stitching on 28 Count Natural Cashel Linen
  2. Scattered Seed Samplers “Spring Delivery” using all called for DMC and stitching on 28 count Flax Natural Cashel Linen
  3. January Flip-It Bits stitched using called for DMC and fabric is 32 count Ivory Jobelan


Earthworm in the Amigurmi Knits by Hansi Singh


Dinosaur With Hatching Baby Pattern

I really hope you enjoyed Flosstube #10!

If you are interested in seeing some of my own crochet projects go ahead and check out more of my crochet projects here!

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