Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

Brianna Lentz Review of 2020 Goals

Did I achieve my 2020 Goals?

Let’s take a look at my 2020 Goals. Here is a screenshot from my original post 5 Goals 2020.

Brianna Lentz 2020 Goals Scresnshot from Website

My 2020 Goals in Detail

  1. I wanted to hit 300 sales in my Etsy store.  I definitely accomplished this goal.  Right now I am sitting at 389 sales.BriannaLentzShop on Etsy at 389 sales December 31 2020
  2. I wanted to hit 100 sales as an eBay seller.  This is something I actually completely abandoned at the beginning of the year.  There were so many fees connected to eBay that I did not feel like it was a good investment of my time for 2020.  Do I still sell on eBay from time to time?  Yes.  But, I do not focus on this and do not plan to going into 2021.
  3. I want to post 100 Videos on my YouTube channel.  Here is a goal I wish I had remembered earlier in the year.  I did not focus on YouTube until September.  Because I did not focus on this goal until the later part of the year I did not reach this goal.  Currently I have published 71 videos on YouTube.  Had I taken YouTube more seriously earlier this year I definitely would have achieved this.  This completely lands on me and my own time management and makes me realize how important it is I do not lose focus on the goals I set for myself.
  4. I want to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Again, had I not lost focus of my goals I had set for myself, I most definitely would have reached this.  However, due to not really focusing on YouTube again until September I am sitting at 332 subscribers.  Which, I am very very thankful for every single person who has subscribed to my channel.  I am at the 33% goal to 1000 and hey that is definitely something to be proud of!Brianna Lentz Subscriber Count December 31 2020 332 Subscribers
  5. I want to reach 1 publication agreement this year via BriannaLentz.com. I didn’t reach out to anyone this year.  This is a huge goal being carried over to 2021.  I believe I have a lot more to offer people in 2021 and thank this is completely achievable in 2021.

Did you set goals for 2020?  Have you looked back on them?  Did you achieve them?  I hope you did and if you didn’t I hope you reflect on how you can grow and reason with yourself what you can do differently moving forward to achieve your goals.

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