5 Goals 2020

Every year I create a new word for myself to mold the year around in terms of goals and mentality.  I love doing this.  This year, my word of the year is an action word that undoubtedly comes from my growing up in surf culture:


I just want to shred this year with everything  I do.  I want someone to ask how I am doing and someone to reply with, “Bri is just shredding it right now.”  That is my main goal.  Not for other people to talk about me – but for my work ethic to be so tenacious that other people can just see this year I am determined to succeed in making this a full time income.  That I can be a full time parent at home and be a full time self made entrepreneur.

So what are 5 goals for myself this year?  Let’s go over them 1 through 5:

  1. I want to hit 300 sales in my Etsy Store BriannaLentzShop. [ Click here to visit me on Etsy ]
  2. I want hit 100 sales as an eBay Seller. [ Click here to visit me on eBay.]
  3. I want to post 100 videos on my YouTube Channel.
  4. I want to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube [ Click Here to visit my Channel]
  5. I want to reach 1 publication agreement this year via BriannaLentz.com.

I am leaving this list otherwise completely ambiguous and and am going to hit each achievement with one idea at a time.


These are huge goals for me so let’s get started <3


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