Dimensions Cross Stitch Kits for Christmas

Brianna Lentz with her Dimensions Gold Collections Cross Stitch Kits

Did you have a great Christmas?  We sure did, I am very happy to say.  You can always tell what I am really enjoying doing by the gifts my girls gift me for Christmas.  This year, my girls gifted me a Demensions Kit each!  I am so excited about these.

Dimensions Northern Night

The first kit I opened was “Northern Night” By Dimensions Gold Collection.  I have wanted this kit for close to two years but wasn’t ready to commit to the size of this project.  But after the successful cross stitch year I had in 2020, I knew this is something I could legitimately accomplish and asked for it for Christmas. I am so excited to start this in 2021.

Dimensions Northern Night

My goal for this kit is to start and complete this before the end of 2021 and then frame it and have it my room for 2022.  We love moose and this scenic picture is a bucket list goal of ours to go experience as a family and I think it will be a joy to stitch!

Dimensions Kit Chickadees in Spring

Next, I received “Chickadees in Spring,” by Dimensions Gold Collections Petites which is a chart I do not see very often.  However, I really wanted this one because we see Chickadees in our yard where we live in Oklahoma regularly and I think this would be a really beautiful piece to hang on our wall.  I decorate with birds, different species, and this will fit right into our decor as well as be a really nice “homey” piece.

Dimensions Kit Chickadees on a Branch

My goal is to start this design in Spring and finish before Fall this year.  If I can accomplish this goal then I will treat myself to “Chickadees on a Branch” by Dimensions for a Fall and Winter stitch later this year.

On New Year’s Day I will be sharing a video on youtube discussing all of my 2021 cross stitch goals and of course showing you the patterns and materials that correlate.  I hope to see you there!

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