2020 Cross Stitch Stats | Brianna Lentz Cross Stitch

I did a lot of stitching in 2020.  I both got much better at cross stitching and I also began drawing and embroidering again.  2020 I think caused a lot of people to get more creative and I am definitely one of them, though my process began at the beginning of the year before the world shifted.

Today I will share everything I stitched and will create links for my coordinating Flosstube video if you would like to see more of each project 🙂

FFOs (Fully Finished Objects) 6 Total

FOs (Finished Objects – just fully stitched) 5 Total

WIPs (Works In Progress) 7 Total

All in all I am really happy with everything I cross stitched in 2020 and cannot wait to share with you all the kitted up plans I have for 2021!!!!   Look for that soon.

Also, thank you so much for supporting my Flosstube and Youtube channel.  That has  pushed me exponentially in my stitching and I absolutely love doing it!

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