A White Christmas In Oklahoma!

We had our first real snow as Oklahomans in Oklahoma yesterday! That means we can officially say we had a White Christmas this year.

Yesterday was a lot of beautiful things and were filled with all the necessities for the best snow event ever: family, love, constant snow fall, snowball fights, snowman building, sledding, warm fire, hot cocoa, warm bath, wet boots, hats, gloves, chickens. I mean yesterday had it all. As Julz said it best, “it was magic.”

What could make it even better? Fiona’s school declared a snow day for today! She never had one before! In Northern Colorado, it would be a blizzard outside and you still had to go to school. But here, the roads get black ice pretty severely so she got to stay home today which has been full of fun and relaxation.

I could not think of a better birthday present for our snow loving girl who turns 8 on Wednesday than what Mother Nature gifted her this weekend❤️

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