My First Just Nan Cross Stitch Chart | 2018 Christmas Dragon Ornament

I have 12 more days before Christmas so I think I will sneak in one more Christmas Stitch this year.

I bought the 2018 Christmas Ornament Chart with Dragonfly embellishment pack from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier this year. I loved that the colors were bright and had a Chrismas themed dragonfly! We have lots and lots of dragonflies here during the Summer but once it gets cold they won’t be back until Spring. So when I saw this at The Silver Needle with the dragonfly charm I knew this was the right choice for my first Just Nan chart. Now I can have dragonflies all year long!

I am using all the called for threads and am stitching this on the called for linen. This is a small piece, 41 stitches over 41 stitches and I am confident I will finish this before Christmas. I started this last night and I am loving the process. It is very simple and the colors are very saturated.

I’m betting that I won’t fully finish this into an ornament this year, but who knows. I seem to be finishing things left and right so I just might 🙂

Have you ever stitched a chart by Just Nan? I really would love to collect some more of her charts with embellishments on special occasions when I go to the Silver Needle in my trips to Tulsa.

Well, that is it. Happy stitching, my stitchy friends! ♥️

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