DIY Christmas Pillows

One of the things I love about knowing how to sew is buying fabric, hoarding said fabric, and then using said hoarded fabric at just the right moment.  Friday was a perfect example.  I needed to change out my Fall pillows with Christmas pillows and instead of having to go to the store or shop online, I just opened up my stash of fabric and dug in to find this year’s Holiday pillows.

You can see just the moment in my first ever vlogmas video!  This was a fun video to record, and it was fun being a little bit more laid back while I brought you along with me as I sewed.

Originally, I had squirrels and Harvest truck fabric for Fall, and I swapped those handmade pillow cases out for some vintage trucks with Christmas trees and of course, my favorite, buffalo plaid.  I think I orinally wanted to sew these up last year but I just did not make the time to make them.

I am really happy with how these turned out.  They added that little bit of extra that my main living area was lacking.  Oh my goodness, these were easy.  If you are curious about how I went about these I have the video linked up above as well as a more thorough post on how I made a larger version for my extra large Ikea Pillows here.

Have you been making things for your house too?  Are you going more simple this year or are you feeling a little bit over the top?  I would love to know, please let me know in the comments 🙂

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