Glitz and Glam Kid’s Tree for Your Kids Who Love Pink and Glitter and All the Fun!

Brianna Lentz Glitz and Glam Christmas Tree

By reading my title you already know that this year the kiddos got to decorate their own tree.  With that being said, I totally love this tree and some of my own decorations are on it too!  I call it the kid’s tree because my 7 year old Fiona declared that this was the kid’s tree and the rustic Buffalo Plaid tree was the adult’s tree.  Which, I think as a kid I totally would have declared the same thing!

Brianna Lentz Glitz and Glam Christmas Tree

This year Wal Mart had the BEST ornaments.  I was talking with someone and I told them I had loved their new ornaments and couldn’t resist buying some which of course was followed by her asking me ” Which ones?” and my reply was “All of them!”  Which isn’t necessarily true, but I did buy way more than I normally do and I bought some from every single category they were organized in.  Mostly the white Christmas and glitter categories.

My kids have always asked me and literally begged me to buy donut ornaments and glitter ornaments and typically when I see glitter I want to run around the corner.  But this year I thought what the heck, I have a flocked tree that I just kind of made the catch-all tree last year and after the year 2020 has been for the entire world…why the heck not have a fun tree for my kids this year.  And so now we do and we all love it!

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