Fall and Autumnal Hand Painted Pumpkins on Wood Coasters with Free Pumpkin Design Printable PDF Download and YouTube Tutorial

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Fall and Autumnal Hand Painted Pumpkin Coasters

Painting pumpkins on coasters is an incredibly fun and easy art project that both adults and kids can enjoy doing as a Fall Arts and Craft project.    Included in my article today is a list of supplies that I used to create these hand painted pumpkin coasters as well as a FREE Printable PDF download so you can trace these same pumpkins I designed for your project. This Printable sheet would be great for painting other projects, embroidery, or even as a fun coloring page for kids this Fall Season.  This PDF File can be found down below my Youtube video for this project<3  The pumpkins you see were designed taking bits and pieces of different pictures and images I found while scrolling through Google to create my own custom designs.  I love using references as a great way to bring a little bit of realism to my illustrations.

I have really been on quite the painting and art journey these past few months. I bought these coasters and shared them in my most recent Hobby Lobby haul, which you can watch here, and had purchased them with the intention to paint them for the house because we legitimately needed more coasters.  Sometimes I buy things with the idea to use it and then never actually follow through.  Well, that was the old me.  I am buying and sharing things with the intent to make content for you and for my house to continue to be decorated with my own handmade items on a dime.  What a perfect place to stop you right here and ask if you have seen the rest of my projects I have done in my Make Your House A Home On A Dime Series.  Click HERE to look through my past projects to give you some new motivation.  

Back to the name of the game today – painting pumpkins on coasters.  This was  a pretty quick process from start to finish which I share all the details with you in my Youtube video right here.  

I have a feeling decorative painting or just painting on more things in a modern way is about to make a HUGE COMEBACK.  You know how cross stitch made a huge comeback in a modern way the past few years?  I foresee that happening starting now through next year.   I am not sure what it is but I really think it will.  

Like I said I would here is the free printable PDF download for each of the 4 pumpkins I designed:

Here is the pdf download for the Supplies I used.

I really like sharing these with you as PDF files because I like that they are easy to save on your phone or already easy for you to print without having to do anything extra.  I have already done the work for ya!  I got you :). 

If you do create something with these pumpkin designs or find any inspiration from my project please be sure to tag me – Brianna Lentz and I am also easy to find on Instagram @brianna_lentz

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